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Statue of St. Joseph
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North Wing
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School Football Event
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School Football Event
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Sports Day 2019
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Sports Day 2019
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Sports Day 2019
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Figure Marching 2019
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Figure Marching 2019
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Figure Marching 2019
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Figure Marching 2019

St. Joseph's Academy is a Catholic Diocesan School administered By a Principal and governed by a Board of
Directors which is appointed by the Bishop of St. John’s Basseterre and staffed by Teachers and other general
staff members. The school officially opened on January 13, 1958, with 78 boys and a staff of four Christian
Brothers. Although the school is Catholic in philosophy and vision, qualified non-Catholic boys who want the
type of education that is offered have been part of the student body since the opening day.

Principal's Greetings

Dear Potential Students,
The St. Joseph’s Academy is a school with a difference. A community concerned with the welfare
of all it’s students. We warmly welcome all who are ready to work hard at any challenges that
come their way and strive for academic excellence intertwined with athletic ability. Each must
mature using God as the center of his life, following the Christian values which can only mold
him into a respectable person in our society and the world at large.
Rudolph Davis

School Song

"Loyal sons of Joseph, hail our Alma Mater dear,
front of learning, home of faith the school we all revere.
Maroon-white, our banner bright, round it shall we stand,
steadfast to our colours and to God and native land.

Loyal sons of Joseph strive to live St. Joseph’s way,
honest, pure, and courageous in all we do and say.
“Ne Timeas” – our motto, fearless shall we be,
upholding the ideals of St. Joseph’s Academy."