Students wishing to enroll at St. Joseph's Academy must complete the following:

  • Fill In Application Form
  • Sit An Entrance Exam (Held During May Of Each Year)
  • Present A Formal Transcript / Report Card From Their Most Recent School
  • Present A Recent Passport Size Photograph
  • Present A Valid Passport / Birth Certificate
  • Present An Up To Date Health Card

  • Fees:                 $50.00                  Application

                               $100.00                Registration

                               $25.00                   Insurance Per Annum (Optional If Student Has His Own Insurance)

                               $5925.00              Tuition In Three Payments (Forms 1 to 4)

                                                                Tuition In Two Parts (Form 5)

    Dress Uniform:                  White Long Sleeve Shirt

                                                      Maroon & White Dress Tie

                                                      White Long Pants With Black Belt

                                                      Black Socks And Shoes

    Regular Uniform:               White Short Sleeve Shirt / Maroon Polo Shirt On Fridays

                                                       Maroon Tie

                                                       Khaki Long Pants With Black Or Brown Belt

                                                       Black Or Brown Shoes With Matching Socks

    PE Uniform:                          White SJA Tee Shirt

                                                       Maroon SJA Sports Pants

                                                       White Socks And Sneakers